Dual opinion: Should HHE students wear school uniforms?



For some kids, uniforms aren’t the best choice because they are either too itchy, too tight, or. too uncomfortable, but if you look at it in a different way, school uniforms could benefit most kids.

Safety plays an important part in school by protecting students and leaving them feeling safe by the end of the day. Uniforms make it easy to identify who should be at school and who should not.

Peer pressure can cause students to buy unnecessary clothes or accessories. The only purpose of buying these items is to make oneself look trendy and cool. If one wears a uniform, everyone fits in. Research by the Schoolwear Association found that “83% of teachers thought a good school uniform could prevent bullying based on appearance or economic background.”

Some people have been teased or bullied, but there is a way you can solve it. That’s right, uniforms. Uniforms prevent bullying and make students feel included and not upset.

“I think [we should wear uniforms] because then there is [a better] chance of not getting bullied and not getting hurt [for] what you wear,” fifth grade student Sophia Flecha said. “If we’re all just wearing the same thing, it’s better and more safe..”

Have you ever seen a kid at recess who is alone and has no one to talk to or play with? Well, uniforms make everyone feel included. Sometimes when students wear normal clothes, people can look at them as different because they might think they look better than them. But, when everyone wears a uniform, people think they’re just the same as everyone else. Everyone fits in and no one feels different.



When looking in the closet to pick out what to wear to school, people often want to wear their own style. School uniforms don’t allow students to do this, and instead limit what one can wear.      

According to procon.org, “school uniforms restrict students’ freedom of expression.” By wearing one’s own clothing, they are able to show who they are.

“[With uniforms], kids don’t get to express themselves,” fifth grade student Carson Orefice said.

Sometimes when wearing a uniform people compare body sizes and the way people look.

“Uniforms can hurt the self-image of a student,” according to procon.org.

It is important for most students to be able to express themselves. This can be through their shoes, shirts, jewelry, jackets, pants, or other clothing items. By making students wear uniforms, they are not able to show who they truly are.

Some students feel that uniforms would be too much of a responsibility. Not only are uniforms expensive, but they need to be cleaned often.

“[I don’t want uniforms] because then you have to wash it every day,” third grade student Sofia Sanchez said.

Overall, uniforms would not be a good idea for students because they don’t express the students’ feelings.

Photo by The Panther Post Staff

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