Kid on the Street

Kid on the street: What does kindness mean to you?


Superheros come in many forms, but one thing they all have in common is their kindness. The Panther Post interviewed HHE students by asking them, “What does kindness mean to you?” and here are their responses:

Zoey, first grade

“Being thankful for what I have.”

Lee, third grade

“Kindness to me means being a good person. Kindness is something you want to give, not to get.”

Samuel, second grade

“Kindness means being friendly.” 

Sebastian, kindergarten

“Being nice to friends and sharing.” 

Aaleyah, third grade

“It means you’re sweet, you’re thoughtful, you’re kind, and you’re nice.”

Graham, kindergarten

“If somebody’s hurt, I can help them up. That’s kindness.”

Gabriela, fourth grade

“Kind people are loving, care about you, and truthful.”

Amy, third grade

“Kindness means to me that people are in peace together and it feels like the world is one whole.”

Logan, fifth grade

“Kindness is loving somebody and caring about them. A kind person would be nice to everybody and never be mean.”

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