Rounding up resources: Fourth grade students celebrate Pioneer Day using everyday resources


Fourth grade students at Hollywood Hills Elementary participated in Pioneer Day on November 26, 2019. Students rotated through all fourth grade classrooms to learn about how pioneers used resources in their everyday lives. 

Pioneer Day was organized by Ms. Walker and the fourth grade team. Teachers prepared different activities for students, including arts and crafts and food. In Ms. Walker’s class, students created silhouettes by tracing their heads onto construction paper. In Mrs. Lucas’s classroom, students weaved their own placements to use on Thanksgiving Day. 

“I wanted them to learn that they can make things with materials around us that are useful, and they can also have fun,” fourth grade teacher Mrs. Lucas said.

In Mrs. Dallas’s class, the students made butter using cups and cream. Mrs. Dallas explained to the students that pioneers would use a butter churn to make butter. The fourth grade students used a different method, however – they were the butter churners. They placed the cream in cups and had to shake it. 

“I wanted them to learn that they can make things with materials around us that are useful, and they can also have fun.”

“I’ve learned that it is very important to know your own resources and [to] make resources out of items you have,” fourth grade student Naiya Arreeratn said.

Arts and crafts activities were also being done in Mrs. Francois’s class. Students used yarn to create their own dolls. In Mrs. Thomas’s class, students participated in two activities including basket weaving and sand drawing. 

“In the days when the pioneers were around, they didn’t have the resources that we have,” fourth grade teacher Mrs. Thomas said. “[My goal is] getting students to understand [that] they can actually use materials from their environment to make things that they need to use.”

Photo by The Panther Post Staff

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