The treat of having a pet: An inside look at HHE staff and students’ pets


Many HHE staff and students have pets in their household. These pets become a part of their families. The Panther Post interviewed staff and students and learned about the importance of their pets. Here are their responses: 

Eren, third grade


Dog (Rottweiler) and Fish(Black Mollies, Ladies, and Guppies) 

Fun Facts: 

“I like everything [about my dog].”

“I have like 20 fish in my aquarium” 

What makes your pet special:

“I have had my [dog] for seven years.” 

Ilana, first grade


Beta Fish

Fun Facts: 

“I have to feed him every morning and night and I like bringing him to the food.” 

“I’ve had it for three months.”  

What makes your pet special: 

“I have been asking for my favorite color, a blue fish, and we got a blue fish.” 

Nolan, third grade



Fun Facts: 

“I got it for my birthday.” 

“I like to see it crawl in its ball around the house.”  

What makes your pet special:

“It’s my first pet I’ve ever had.”

Mrs. Vidal, reading support teacher


Star (Dog, Belgian Malinois), Macy (Dog, Coonhound and American Foxhound mix), Molly (Dog, Beagle) 

Fun Facts: 

“In the morning when we all wake up, they all like to sing. So, they start howling and barking all at the same time and they all sing together for probably five minutes; it’s like the morning song.”  

What makes your pet special: 

“They are special to me because they are rescues. When they were babies, one of them was tied to the door of an empty apartment and left there for a few days and then the other one was thrown out of a car and we rescued them. So now they’re with us and now they have a happy, spoiled life with us.” 

Ms. Demetriou, first grade teacher


Carly (Dog, Pug and Chihuahua mix) and Ava (Cat, American Bobtail)

Fun Facts: 

“My little Carly likes to talk, so she is a yapper. In the morning, she runs down the steps and she yaps and yaps and yaps and yaps until I feed her.” 

“Ava wakes up, she eats, and then she goes back to sleep. She’s a sleepyhead.”   

What makes your pet special: 

“Well, my pets are extraordinary. I have had Carly for 11 years. Ava’s long-haired and very beautiful.”

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