Fun raising funds: PTA hosts the STEAM Engine Fundraiser


HHE students participated in the Parent Teacher Association’s (PTA) STEAM Engine fundraiser from November 1 to November 15 to raise money for the school, classrooms, and activities. All students who registered their golden ticket got prizes including a monster hat and a High-5 Smart Device Stand. Students could win a mini-fridge or an Apple iPad raffle for sending emails about the fundraiser to family and friends. Fundraising helps the school keep programs like Accelerated Reader (AR), Dr. Seuss Week, and community activities available to families, teachers, and staff.

“We all [PTA] planned this fundraiser at the end of last year in preparation for this year,” PTA President Rebekah De Mordo said. “One of the main things we wanted to do by raising these funds was to put on a family night. My favorite part is when the students get excited over prizes. One of the reasons we picked this fundraiser is because there are so many prizes.”

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