The Panther Post Picks


The Panther Post members have entertainment favorites that they wanted to share with their readers. Here are just a few for you to check out:


Ranging from Dr. Seuss to “Dog Man,” The Panther Post members love their books. “Harry Potter” is the favorite with four people voting for it. “Harry Potter” is a long series of chapter books filled with magic, friendship, mythical creatures, and adventure. This book series has seven books and the staff highly recommends reading all of them.


After surveying The Panther Post members, it was voted that Orlando was the best place to visit in Florida. The parks at Disney, which have all the fun roller coasters and good food, were the main reason for Orlando coming in as number one.


Out of all of the TV show genres that were asked to The Panther Post members, comedy was the winning vote and topped all the different categories. Comedy was the favorite because it is funny and can brighten up people’s day.


The “Harry Potter” movies are the favorite of the members. “Harry Potter” won by four votes. Inspired by the “Harry Potter” book series, it is a club favorite that we highly recommend watching.


When The Panther Post members were asked what their favorite animal was, there was a tie between cat, rabbit, panda, and dog. After a re-vote, the winner was a cat. The club members agreed that cats were cute, fluffy, and cuddly.

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