2/22/22: HHE Celebrates TWOSday with tube socks, ties, and tutus


On 2/22/22, tube socks, ties, and tutus were spotted all over HHE. Second grade teacher Ms. Rosende organized the celebration of Twosday. Flyers were sent home to encourage students to dress up and recognize the actual date. This is a rare date that does not happen often. The numbers 2/22/22 create a palindrome because it can be read backwards and forwards and it will still be the same. It is a unique palindrome because the numbers are all the same. The last time this occurred was on 1/11/11. Twosday was a day to remember.

“I made a flyer that I shared with the whole school to celebrate Twosday,” Ms. Rosende said. “The majority of the students at HHE participated. A lot of the girls wore tutus and boys wore ties and tube socks. I loved seeing all the kids have fun at school!”

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