Spotlight on Storybook Parade Characters


HHE hosted a Storybook Parade where students and staff dressed up as their favorite storybook characters. The Panther Post interviewed students and teachers who wore creative costumes and here is what they had to say:


“I was Wonder Woman. I like when she turns into a superhero. I liked dressing up.”


“I have Hulk gloves, a mask, and a t-shirt. That’s the best costume I have. Hulk is the strongest guy in the whole wide world.”

Mrs. Stella

“This year, 2nd grade teachers dressed up as the Little Miss characters. I was Little Miss Awesome because I like to think that I am awesome.”


“I was Princess Tiana because she is my favorite princess. I liked to see other kids’ costumes. Princess Tiana tries to help her family.”


“I was Camilla from the book, ‘A Bad Case of Stripes.’ It is one of my favorite books. I liked the blow-up costumes in the parade.”


“I chose Where’s Waldo because I used to watch it in my childhood and it was a great show that inspired me to do better. I liked how everybody got to wear their own costumes, it just shows off their expression.”


“I dressed up as the Scarecrow from the Wizard of Oz. I got to see my sister during the parade.”


“I dressed up as Dorothy. I like the book. I liked the character parade because we walked and everyone saw us.”


“I was the Cat in the Hat. My favorite part was the music in the parade.”


“I was Cat in the Hat. I see him in the book everyday. He is so crazy. He does silly things.”

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