Taylor’s Teddy Bears: HHE collects teddy bears to give to children in emergency situations


HHE students and staff donated teddy bears to Taylor’s Teddy Bears, Inc. to honor the life of Taylor Wade Bishop, Ms. Kiki’s son. Taylor loved teddy bears, especially Chevy, who was given to him as a present on his third birthday. Taylor took Chevy with him wherever he went and enjoyed goodnight kisses from him before bedtime.

The teddy bears that were collected will be given to first responders to distribute to kids in need. First responders are people who are trained to respond to an emergency. First responders include police officers, firefighters, and paramedics.

“It helps the first responders, but it also brings communities together by donating teddy bears to give out to children in emergency situations,” Founder and President of Taylor’s Teddy Bears, Inc., Ms. Kiki, said.

Student Council organized this collection by encouraging students to donate teddy bears. Collection boxes were created and placed in each classroom, as well as the media center and school office.

“We chose Taylor’s Teddy Bears to support kids that might be sad or scared,” Student Council President Santino said.

“My hope is that whenever a child is hurt or scared, the teddy bear that they receive will bring them comfort. Just like Chevy did for Taylor, and now me.”

Ms. Kiki, Founder and President of Taylor’s Teddy Bears, Inc. and HHE paraprofessional

Students are excited to help communities and give back by donating teddy bears.

“I will donate teddy bears to help kids in need. I will help the community by donating teddy bears because it will help children feel safer and calmer,” fifth grade student Coral said.

Taylor’s Teddy Bears was created by Ms. Kiki with the idea of helping others. HHE’s participation will help children feel better when in an emergency situation.

“My hope is that whenever a child is hurt or scared, the teddy bear that they receive will bring them comfort. Just like Chevy did for Taylor, and now me,” Ms. Kiki said.

HHE collected over 2,000 bears in Taylor’s memory that were donated to Hollywood Police Department and Hollywood Fire Rescue first responders who came to the school to collect them. WSVN, CBS Miami, NBC 6, and the Miami Herald came out to cover the event!

Taylor & Chevy

Taylor Wade Bishop was full of love, told the best jokes, and had the brightest smile. Tragically, on March 15, 2021, Taylor, at the young age of four, was taken away from us. Taylor was in the car with his favorite bear Chevy when the accident occurred and Chevy was safely returned to Ms. Kiki. HHE remembers Taylor and the legacy he leaves behind.

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