Dual Opinion: Should pets be allowed in classrooms?

YES PETS: Pets should be allowed in classrooms


Imagine being sad in a shown that having an animal next to classroom and a dog comes to comfort you. This could happen if pets were allowed in schools. Having a pet in classrooms could help with building self-esteem and learning.

“It can promote responsibility, teach children about being nurturing, and help improve self-esteem,” school counselor Mrs. Turner said. “Pets can become your friends. They can help with emotional support. If you are feeling sad, you can talk to your pet.”

Pets can be wonderful companions to make someone feel better. They can sit alongside the students to help them feel calm.

“Pets can help kids calm down when they are sad,” fifth grade student Amy said. “Recent studies have shown that having an animal next to you will calm you down and make you feel better. Pets can cheer you up.”

Pets can also get you excited to learn. This will make it easier to teach students because they will be more interested in learning.

“I think it would help me learn scientific facts about them,” third grade student Sean said.

According to the 2019 Pets in the Classroom Survey, teachers saw 78% academic improvement when having a pet in the classroom. Pets help students learn responsibility and learn about animals.

With the benefits of improving self-esteem and learning, pets should be allowed in the classroom.

NO PETS: Pets should not be allowed in classrooms


Imagine walking into class and seeing frogs jumping on desks! Pets should not be allowed in school because it’s unfair to animals, distracting, and a health risk to people who are allergic.

According to People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, pets are often neglected and not cared for properly. There are many times when they are left alone or forgotten. This is unfair to them and could happen at school during breaks.

“There are many drawbacks,” fourth grade teacher Mrs. Lucas said. “The number one drawback is concerning who will take care of the pet on the weekends and days off from school.”

Classroom pets can also be distracting when students are trying to take a test or do their school work. The pet could make noise or need food while students are trying to learn.

“In my second grade class, we did have a pet fish,” third grade student Raelyn said. “Everyone was obsessed with it and always wanted to be near it. It was a bit distracting.”

Taking care of an animal is a huge responsibility. Some individuals might not know how to provide for the animal.

“The kids would need to take care of it,” third grade student Sean said. “The kids might give the animal too much food.”

Having animals in the classroom can cause health risks to students that are allergic. According to Sandra Hong, MD, “Allergy and asthma triggers not only create physical discomfort for children, but can even affect their schoolwork.”

Pets cause distractions, are a health risk, and need to be taken care of constantly. Classroom pets are not a good idea and should not be allowed in classrooms.

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